There might be some confusion regarding using NODE_ENV variable in Node.js apps. A few things you need to be aware of:

(1) Do not set NODE_ENV to anything other than production, development or test.

When you deploy your app to let’s say Google Cloud Functions, the NODE_ENV variable will always…

React with/without Redux

As you probably know React.js provides us with these two helpful hooks — React.useReducer() and React.useContext(). You may think that combining them in a creative fashion would give you a perfect replacement for Redux? Not so fast :)

First, let’s see what’s the problem with Context-based implementation and how it…

Have you noticed this trend that many JavaScript developers don’t know how to solve pretty basic tasks in their web apps without using Redux?

It starts like this — a developer has two or more components in different parts of the UI and struggling to organize a communication channel between…

Konstantin Tarkus

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