Generate TypeScript definitions from a PostgreSQL database schema

await db.raw(`
AS TEXT CHECK(VALUE ~ '^[0-9a-z]{6}$')`);
await db.raw(`
CREATE TYPE user_role
AS ENUM ('consumer', 'provider')`);
await db.schema.createTable("user", (table) => {
table.specificType("id", "short_id").notNullable().primary();
table.specificType("email", "citext").unique();
table.specificType("role", "user_role").notNullable();
table.timestamps(false, true);
import db, { User, UserRole } from "./db";const [user] = await db
.insert({ id: "xxxxxx", name: "John", role: UserRole.Provider })
export enum UserRole {
Consumer = "consumer",
Provider = "provider",
export type User = {
id: string;
email: string | null;
name: string;
credentials: Record<string, unknown>;
role: UserRole;
created_at: Date;
updated_at: Date;
const { knex } = require("knex");
const { updateTypes } = require("knex-types");
const db = knex(require("./knexfile"));
updateTypes(db, { output: "./types.ts" }).catch(err => {
"dependencies": {
"knex": "^0.95.4",
"pg": "^8.6.0"
"devDependencies": {
"knex-types": "^0.3.0"
"scripts": {
"db:migrate": "knex migrate:latest && node ./update-types"



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